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California Native Seed,  Straw and Expertise

California native seed
Monarch on Asclepias fascicularis
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Jan 2023: The NAS has released its Native Seed Needs Assessment!       Click here to read the report 



Hedgerow Farms specializes in producing high quality seed of known-origin, wildland collected California native grasses, forbs, sedges and rushes. We offer wholesale seed in single species or custom seed mixes and native grass straw.  Our seed and plants are used in wildlife habitat restoration projects, agricultural revegetation projects, for erosion control and urban and rural landscaping.  

Note that we are a wholesale seed vendor and can generally only accommodate large orders.


 Click here to view our entire inventory of 200+ species. To order, call us at 530-662-6847 or fill out our custom design form to place a custom order. Custom orders have a $500 minimum.

-You can also order directly from our webstore. This is a smaller subset of our total inventory.  Our webstore has a $200 minimum. 

-Looking for a smaller amount of seed? Our Pollinator Mix is available by the oz through several local retailers, including find out farms, Miridae Mobile Nursery, and The Watershed Nursery

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