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Please note Hedgerow Farms  is a wholesale seed supplier. Our online store has a $200 minimum order for online purchases, and $500 minimum order for custom mixes. For custom seed mix orders or orders that exceed 10 pounds please fill out our project design form, or contact us at (530) 662-6847.

  • If you have a resale certificate or do not pay taxes, please contact us via phone.

  • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Cards are accepted payments through this site.

  • Orders are shipped within California via UPS within 5-7 business days.

  • Refunds: Claims of damage, shortage, or error must be made within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.

  • All prices are for ONE POUND except milkweed species which are priced at 1/4 LBS

Bay Area Wildflower Mix

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: 1 lb
Bay Area Wildflower Mix

This seed mix was designed by Hedgerow Farms staff to establish beautiful flowers native to the California Bay Area. Pollinators will be attracted to your garden from March through August. Many of these species can be found elsewhere on our Webstore. Take a look at their product pages for more photos!

Some features of this mix:

  • 15 species of California native wildflowers
  • 3 species of Lupine, two of which are exclusive to this mix
  • Seeding rate is 8.75 bulk lbs/acre
  • Seed in the Fall for the best results

Botanical Name Common Name County of Seed Source Percent of Mix Link to Webstore Page
Phacelia californica phacelia Contra Costa Co. 4.6% P. californica
Lasthenia fremontii Fremont's goldfields Yolo Co. 2.3% L. fremontii
Eschscholzia californica California poppy Colusa Co. 11.4% E. californica
Achillea millefolium

Collinsia heterophylla

Chinese Houses
Lake Co.

Colusa Co.


Clarkia unguiculata elegant clarkia Yolo Co. 2.9% C. unguiculata
Layia platyglossa tidy tips Colusa Co. 5.7% L. platyglossa
Lupinus microcarpus var. densiflorus golden lupine Yolo Co. 15.1%
Lupinus succulentus arroyo lupine Yolo Co. 15.1% L. succulentus
Lupinus nanus sky lupine Solano Co. 9.4%
Calandrinia menziesii red maids Yolo Co. 4.0% C. menziesii
Clarkia purpurea purple clarkia Lake Co. 3.4%
Monardella villosa coyote mint Yolo Co. 1.7%
Plantago erecta dotseed plantain Yolo Co. 11.4% P. erecta
Sisyrinchium bellum blue eyed grass San Mateo Co. 2.3% S. bellum
Eriophyllum lanatum wooly sunflower Colusa Co. 2.3% E. lanatum

Prices and mix updated 10/1/2022

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