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Please note Hedgerow Farms  is a wholesale seed supplier. Our online store has a $200 minimum order for online purchases, and $500 minimum order for custom mixes. For custom seed mix orders or orders that exceed 10 pounds please fill out our project design form, or contact us at (530) 662-6847.

  • If you have a resale certificate or do not pay taxes, please contact us via phone.

  • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Cards are accepted payments through this site.

  • Orders are shipped within California via UPS within 5-7 business days.

  • Refunds: Claims of damage, shortage, or error must be made within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.

  • All prices are for ONE POUND except milkweed species which are priced at 1/4 LBS

Central Valley Pollinator Mix

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: 1 lb
Central Valley Pollinator Mix

The Xerces Society, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, the NRCS, and Hedgerow Farms have collaborated to create this native pollinator mix specifically designed to provide foraging resources for a diversity of pollinators. The mix includes:

  • 9 species of California native wildflowers
  • Provides nectar and pollen throughout the growing season
  • Includes annuals that reseed year to year and perennials
  • Includes species that are attractive to beneficial insects
  • Formulated to be seeded in areas along agricultural production fields
  • Improves visitation of pollinators in agricultural production fields adjacent to plantings
  • Appropriate for hedgerow plantings
  • Can be purchased without sunflower for areas that are near sunflower production fields that require isolation.
  • Seeding rate is 8.5 bulk lbs/acre

Please note that this year's mix includes Lupinus succulentus, Arroyo lupine, as a replacement for Lupinus microcarpus ssp. densiflorus, golden lupine. We hope to have golden lupine available for next year's mix.

Botanical Name Common Name Bulk lbs/acre Percent of Mix by Weight Target Live Seeds/ft2 Percent of Mix by Seed Count
Clarkia unguiculata elegant clarkia 0.5 5.9% 12.75 30.0%
Clarkia williamsonii Fort Miller clarkia 0.3 3.5% 7.65 18.0%
Eschscholzia californica California poppy 0.7 8.2% 4.46 10.5%
Grindelia camporum gumplant 0.7 8.2% 3.19 7.5%
Helianthus bolanderi Bolander's sunflower 0.7 8.2% 0.85 2.0%
Lupinus succulentus Arroyo lupine 3.6 42.4% 0.85 2.0%
Achillea millefolium yarrow 0.1 1.2% 4.25 10.0%
Phacelia californica phacelia 0.6 7.1% 3.19 7.5%
Phacelia ciliata great valley phacelia 1.3 15.3% 5.31 12.5%
TOTALS: 8.5 42.50
*Exact species composition is subject to change based on availability

Prices and mix updated 9/26/2017

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