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For most projects we can provide free consultation by phone and email. We can assist you in designing seed mixes, choosing plants, and implementing your project. Please fill out our online project design form that will help us better assist you on your project. 

Custom Seed Cleaning

If you have wildland collected seed or other grain crop you need cleaned, we may be able to custom clean it. Please contact us with information about what you are looking for and we will let you know if we can assist you and give you an estimate. 

Native Straw

Hedgerow Farms offers straw that is certified noxious weed free. Most straw contains viable seed but we do not recommend using straw as the only seed source, as most is removed during harvest. To order please email or call us. 


Hedgerow Farms offers tours of our seed production fields, habitat areas, facilities, nursery, vegetated swales, canals, hedgerows, and roadsides.  Please contact us for more information. Every year we partner with the California Native Grasslands Association (CNGA) for the CNGA Field Day at Hedgerow Farms. The Field Day includes extensive tours and much more (see CNGA's website for more information).

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