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California Native Seeds

Hedgerow Farms produces over 100 species of origin-known grassland seeds. We carry a variety of grasses, flowers, and a few sedges.

To see a list of our species and ecotypes with additional information, click here.

To see a map of our species and ecotypes, click here.


We sell our seeds as single species or as custom mixes.  To learn about getting advice on a mix, go to the Consulting section on Our Services page.

Monarch Kits

Hedgerow Farms and Xerces Society have collaborated on the creation of 2 different Monarch Kits based on geographic region and site location. Monarch Kits are available for order!

To see kit content details, pricing, and contract requirements, click here.

Locally Sourced Milkweeds

Hedgerow Farms offers regionally sourced milkweed material in seed, plugs, and deep tree band. Inquire before making a purchase. We currently have Asclepias fascicularis (narrow-leafed milkweed), A. eriocarpa (Indian milkweed), and A. speciosa (showy milkweed) available in seed. We typically have A. fascicularis and A. speciosa available in nursery stock but please check for current availability for both seed and nursery stock.


For more information on milkweeds, check out our info page here. To purchase milkweeds click here.

Native Straw

Hedgerow Farms offers straw that is certified noxious weed free. Most straw contains viable seed but we do not recommend using straw as the only seed source, as most is removed during harvest.


Our straw is currently available through a local feed store, Windmill Feed. You can order straw directly through them. They can assist in coordinating delivery if that is needed. Call (530) 666-7088 and ask for Katie.

Hedgerow Farms Specialized Mixes

In addition to our native seed production, Hedgerow Farms also offers several specialized native seed mixes. Our Central Valley Pollinator was designed in collaboration with the Xerces Society, UC Davis, and NRCS based on field data. 

Our Native Erosion Control Mix was designed by our staff as an effective and affordable general erosion control mix.

Our Bay Area Erosion Control Mix was designed by Hedgerow Farms staff specifically for coastal and Bay Area erosion control. It is especially effective at reseeding post-fire areas. 

Our Central Valley Pollinator Mix (pictured on the left) is a general use pollinator mix intended to provide nectar and pollen sources for the majority of the year.

If you are interested, check out the "Mixes" section of our Webstore. If your order is over 10 lbs, please contact our office directly for alternate pricing.