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Please note Hedgerow Farms is a wholesale seed supplier.  

California Native Seeds

Hedgerow Farms produces over 100 species of origin-known grassland seeds. We carry a variety of grasses, flowers, and sedges.

To see a list of our species and ecotypes with additional information, click here.

To see a map of our species and ecotypes, click here.


Our web store has a variety of individual species and mixes available for purchase. 

If you would like to purchase seed that is not available on our web store, our would like advice on designing a custom mix, please fill out our project design form

Locally Sourced Milkweeds

Hedgerow Farms offers regionally sourced milkweed material in seed. Inquire before making a purchase. We currently have Asclepias fascicularis (narrow-leafed milkweed), A. eriocarpa (Indian milkweed), and A. speciosa (showy milkweed) available in seed. 


For more information on milkweeds, check out our info page here. 



Native Straw

Hedgerow Farms offers straw that is certified noxious weed free. Most straw contains viable seed but we do not recommend using straw as the only seed source, as most is removed during harvest. To order please fill out our project design form

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